Stormy (stormyoceana) wrote in rw_9,

the private public

I just watched a movie on Showtime called "The Private Public" with David Burns from RW. I can't remember which RW he was on but do remember he had two different colored eyes and he had the affair with the girl who worked for RW plus he came from that academy school.
Jason Rush was the other actor who came from RW too, he was on the one where they lived in the firehouse.
Glenn Naessons (sp) was on there too.
I think David and Jason are hot!
The movie was basically about them in school taping a documentary about sex and relationships.
I was really surprised when i saw them. Anyone else see it?
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awesome, i didnt see that, but david was on the real world seattle and jason was on the real world boston. I'll have to look out for that movie, i want to see it now!
That Seattle David was hott! I liked him alot, the girl's name was Kira. That was an awesome seas. I usually only like the gay guys so liking that David was a switch for me. He was so very emmotional too. I love men who show emmotion.